Thomas Coville

(FR) Born on 10/05/1968 Lives in Locmariaquer


Thomas Coville, an elite sportsman, qualified engineer, skipper of Sodebo since 1999, married and father of two children, is first and foremost a sailing enthusiast. He is a sailor with many round-the-world voyages to his name, with the recognition of his peers and praised for the care he lavishes on the boats which he skippers.

Very much his own man and with a determined personality to boot, to understand his talent, it is necessary to know where he has come from. Thomas is a modern day adventurer and throws his body and soul into everything he does. Whether it is culture, reading, music, cycling or mountaineering, the sailor tucks into life with a constant hunger. When he is not at sea, the navigator divides his time between his wooden house in the pine trees, the tarmac over which he rides with his professional cyclist friends or also the Piano Barge in Vannes, a musical creation venue founded with, amongst others, jazz trumpeter Alex Tassel. As soon as he has the opportunity, he goes to the Mont-Blanc mountain chain to climb a summit or indulge in some ice climbing.

He has been involved in elite sailing since his teenage years. From the mini 6.50 class to the biggest record-breaking trimarans, not forgetting the America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race, Thomas is one of the most eclectic skippers of his generation. Multi-hulls are now however his guiding line, the source of his adrenaline and indeed his world. Across the Atlantic or around the world, competing with rivals or against the clock, the sailor keeps sailing, gathering up races and thriving, but always with the same talent for recounting and sharing his adventures.


  • 1999: Winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre.
  • 1997 and 2010: holder of the Jules Verne Trophy.
  • 2011/2012: winner of the Volvo Ocean Race.
  • 2016: record holder for sailing round the world solo, in 49 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes, 38 seconds improved upon since by François Gabart.
  • 2017: record holder for a solo crossing of the North Atlantic, in 4 days, 11 hours, 10 minutes



  • Architect : VPLP Design
  • Construction site : Multiplast
  • Launch date : 05/01/2014
  • Length : 31
  • Beam : 21.2
  • Displacement : 16 t
  • Mast height : 35
  • Main sail area : 283
  • Upwind sail area : 444
  • Downwind sail area : 663

Sponsor's presentation

Sodebo boasts a history that started more than 40 years ago, born from a pioneering spirit and a close-knit family. Today, it makes and markets fresh produce that corresponds with current lifestyles and consumer trends: Salads, Pizzas, Pasta-Boxes, Sandwiches, etc. It is the leader in France in delicatessen fresh produce, but has managed to remain a family, independent and ardent company. This is why it manufactures a portion of its ingredients (pasta, sauces, cold meats, etc.) in its own facilities, thanks to the know-how of the bakers, pork butchers and chefs who work for the company.

Sodebo’s taste for freedom, pleasure, sharing and commitment can also be found in the great adventures of ocean racing that it has been supporting since 1998. Already an official patron of the Vendée Globe (a solo non-stop single-hulled yacht race around the world without assistance), since 1999 it has also been supporting Thomas Coville, who beat the world record for sailing round the world solo in a multi-hulled boat.

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