The crew of Sodebo Ultim’ wins the Nice UltiMed!

May 5 th 2018 - 15:39

Crossing the finish line off Rauba Capeù at 13 hours 59 minutes 28 seconds French time, the crew of Sodebo Ultim’ has taken the win in the main event of the Nice UltiMed after 3 days, 57 minutes and 28 seconds of racing, after a breathtaking duel against IDEC SPORT on an original course around the Mediterranean.

Last Wednesday, at 1:02pm, three Ultimes took the start of the Nice UltiMed’s “Offshore Sprint”. Following the retirement of the crew of Actual-Grand Large Emotion, helmed by Yves Le Blévec, the Nice UltiMed was transformed into a duel at the summit between the Sodebo Ultim’ and IDEC SPORT.

The two trimarans rounded the first passage mark off Marseille – Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region before setting a course at full speed (over 30 knots) for the South of Sardinia. At Capo Spartivento, Thomas Coville and his men boasted a lead of one hour and forty-five minutes over those of Francis Joyon. However, at the start of the climb up the East coast of Sardinia, IDEC SPORT made a sterling comeback, getting the match firing on all cylinders once again.

In the light, fickle conditions, the confrontation along the coast of Sardinia then Corsica proved to be epic and it was with a lead of just a handful of miles that IDEC SPORT was the first to round the passage mark at Cap Corse. However, the crossing from Corsica back to mainland France later turned to Sodebo Ultim’s favour, enabling them to move back up into pole position at the course mark off Nice with a lead of just a matter of minutes. 

Race Management then relaunched the two giant trimarans on a second looped circuit of 120 miles offshore of Nice and Sodebo Ultim’ held her own despite the pressure from IDEC SPORT, further bolstering her position as leader to finish in style off Rauba Capeù at 13 hours 59 minutes 28 seconds French time.

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