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Sodebo Ultim’ vs IDEC SPORT: a thrilling mano a mano 

Jean-Baptiste Durier: “The duel between Sodebo Ultim’ and IDEC SPORT was breathtaking. For three days, both crews gave their all and the match race lasted right till the end, with very little separating them throughout the race and numerous leader changes. At the finish, there was less than an...

News - 05/05 - 19:01

“A simply magnificent battle!”

In winning the Nice UltiMed, Thomas Coville and his crew have got their revenge a year on from The Bridge. During the latter transatlantic race between Saint Nazaire and New York, the crews of Sodebo Ultim’ and IDEC SPORT were already embroiled in an almighty battle for 2nd place, which finally concluded with Francis Joyon’s men gaining the edge with a lead of just...

News - 05/05 - 17:57

Victoire de l’équipage de Sodebo Ultim’ sur Nice UltiMed : « Une bagarre juste magnifique ! »

En remportant Nice UltiMed, Thomas Coville tient, avec son équipage, sa revanche un an après The Bridge. Lors de cette transatlantique entre Saint-Nazaire et New York, les équipages de Sodebo Ultim’ et d’IDEC SPORT s’étaient déjà livrés une grosse bataille pour la 2e place et les hommes de Francis Joyon avaient...

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The crew of Sodebo Ultim’ wins the Nice UltiMed!

Last Wednesday, at 1:02pm, three Ultimes took the start of the Nice UltiMed’s “Offshore Sprint”. Following the retirement of the crew of Actual-Grand Large Emotion, helmed by Yves Le Blévec, the Nice UltiMed was transformed into a duel at the summit between the Sodebo Ultim’ and IDEC SPORT.

The two trimarans rounded the first passage mark...

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In any good sprint, the distances separating the protagonists at the finish are very slender and victory comes down to the tiny details, to the extent that a photo finish is sometimes called for to distinguish the winner. The Nice UltiMed’s original ‘Offshore Sprint’ should be no exception to the rule. Indeed, since IDEC SPORT’s comeback last night, where...

News - 03/05 - 20:22

Sodebo beyond reproach, IDEC clings on

It’s been a lively day for the crews of Sodebo Ultim’ and IDEC SPORT, who have covered the 325 miles between Marseille and the South of Sardinia in just 12 hours, which equates to an average speed of 27 knots on a direct course. The Nice UltiMed “Offshore Sprint” is certainly aptly named! Thomas Coville’s crew crossed the second compulsory passage...

News - 03/05 - 10:56

Sodebo Ultim’ vs IDEC SPORT: duel at the summit with full-on action!

Yesterday evening, as the crew of Actual-Grand Large Emotion limped back to Nice after damaging her rig, IDEC SPORT and Sodebo Ultim’ continued on towards the first passage mark off Marseille enjoying an incredible close-contact duel. The boats sailed within sight of one another for a long while, even racing side by side at times.

28 minutes separating them at the...

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Actual-Grand Large Emotion forced to retire

Late this Wednesday, Yves Le Blévec called Race Management for the Nice UltiMed to inform them of rig damage (broken hydraulic ram) aboard Actual-Grand Large Emotion. During a change of tack, the mast shifted to leeward and the crew realised that the ram controlling the...

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D-Day: Nice UltiMed, they’re off!

It was at 1:02pm that Armel Le Cléac’h (winner of the last Vendée Globe and skipper of the Maxi Banque Populaire IX), Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, and Jean-Pierre Dick, patron of the Nice UltiMed, gave the start from the Rauba Capeù promontory. Nicely warmed up after the Exhibition Run contested last Sunday, the locals in Nice...

News - 01/05 - 20:51

Kick-off tomorrow at 1:02pm: Make way for sport!

The crews of Thomas Coville, Yves Le Blévec and Francis Joyon make no secret of the fact: they’re eager to head out to sea and get down to action in this debut Mediterranean clash. It’s at 1:02pm that Armel Le Cléac’h (winner of the last Vendée Globe and skipper of the Maxi Banque Populaire IX), Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice and Jean-Pierre...

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