Marseille has affirmed its ambition to become a real coastal metropolis, with proposals unique to both the Mediterranean and Europe, increasing the attractivity of Marseille, and will complement the city’s 57 kilometres of coastline, Frioul archipelago and its spectacular and unique land and marine Calanque National Park.

By 2020, Marseille aims to improve the quality of its coastal areas, and their facilites. This includes encouraging activities such as sailing, diving and swimming, and ensuring that these sports are available to as many residents of Marseille as possible. These current objectives will be of benefit to a variety of groups which includes local residents, tourists, local associations and those officially responsible for managing Marseille’s coastal areas.

This project will eventually incorporate both the management of the coastline and the development of watersports, in the context of welcoming the sailing qualifiers for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Aix-Marseille-Provence, a metropolitan area going the distance

Home to Europe’s largest marina with more than 21,000 berths, the main hub for luxury yacht repair in France and foremost centre for superyacht repair in the world, Aix Marseille Provence excels as one of the Continent’s major destinations for boating and sailing.

With the audacity of youth, it is now seeking to strive further. Created in January 2016, France’s largest metropolitan authority is now at work developing the economic and tourist potential of its 255 kilometres of coastline while protecting the remarkable beauty of its sites and the quality of its waters. It’s a twin objective that is outlined in a nearly completed Blue Paper, a five-year action programme.

In welcoming the competitors who will participate in the Nice Ultimed on 25-27 April, the Mediterranean metropolitan authority Aix-Marseille-Provence is hoisting the sails for a long distance journey uniting competition and conservation.